Milkfish Paste (200g)

Milkfish Paste Introduction

Milkfish paste is a semi-solid product made by finely grinding and processing milkfish meat. It retains the original flavor of the milkfish while possessing a smooth texture and versatile usage.

Production Process:

Selection: Start by choosing fresh milkfish, ensuring the quality of the fish meat.
Primary Processing: The fish meat is sliced, deboned, and skinned.
Grinding: Next, the fish meat is placed into a grinder until it achieves a smooth, pasty consistency.
Seasoning: Depending on the requirements, salt, sugar, or other seasonings can be added for flavor.

Texture: Milkfish paste has a silky texture, allowing it to blend well with other ingredients.
Versatility: It can serve as the main ingredient in various dishes, such as fish balls, fish cakes, or other seafood products.
Nutritional Value: Retaining most of the nutrients from the milkfish, the paste is a rich source of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and other essential nutrients.
Ways to Use:
Milkfish paste can be directly used in cooking or processed into other seafood products. Due to its versatility, it frequently appears in vario
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