Milkfish Skin (300g)

Milkfish skin is a delicately removed portion from fresh milkfish, which not only preserves the nutritional value of the milkfish but is also widely used in various culinary applications due to its unique elasticity and texture.

Production Process:

Selection: High-quality milkfish are carefully selected to ensure the elasticity and freshness of the skin.

Skinning: Skilled workers manually skin the milkfish, removing excess fat and muscle tissue.

Cleaning: The fish skin is thoroughly cleaned to remove scales and potential impurities.

Processing: Depending on the requirements, the skin may be quickly blanched or frozen to extend its shelf life.


Texture: Milkfish skin is tough and rich in collagen, turning translucent and tender upon cooking.

Nutritional Value: Milkfish skin is an excellent source of collagen and minerals, beneficial for maintaining skin elasticity and bone health.

Versatility: It can be used for broths, porridges, or even made into crispy fish skin snacks, making it a creative and diversified ingredient.

Consumption Suggestions:
With its unique texture and nutritional value, milkfish skin is ideal paired with light broths or as a crispy snack. It can also be featured in Asian-style soups or cold dishes.
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