Fish Cake (150g)

1. Definition:
The Korean fish cake, also known as "Odeng (오뎅)" or "Eomuk (어묵)", is a popular street food delicacy in Korea. This particular version is crafted using milkfish as its primary ingredient, leveraging its distinct fish texture and flavor.

2. Production Process:

Fish Selection: Opt for fresh milkfish, utilizing the tender white flesh.
Fish Paste Preparation: Mix milkfish flesh with starch, salt, and other seasonings, then blend until smooth.
Molding: Shape using molds or by hand into desired forms such as sticks, slices, or other designs.
Steaming: Once shaped, steam the fish cakes until fully cooked.
3. Serving Method:
These milkfish Korean fish cakes are typically skewered and simmered in a broth made from soy sauce and kelp. Especially comforting on cold days, the warm fish cake soup is a sought-after treat.

4. Features:

Texture: Milkfish provides a dense texture to the fish cake, ensuring a chewy bite combined with the rich sweetness of the milkfish.
Variety: Given the unique characteristics of milkfish, these fish cakes can be created in various flavors and shapes. Some even include fillings like cheese, chili, or other ingredients.
Nutrition: Milkfish is an excellent source of protein and unsaturated fatty acids. Even after processing into fish cakes, the nutritional value remains intact.
5. Pairings:
Beyond the classic fish cake soup, these milkfish fish cakes are also a perfect addition to hot pots, ramen, or other soup dishes, enhancing the overall umami flavor.
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