Cuttlefish Paste (200g)

Cuttlefish Paste Introduction

Cuttlefish paste is a semi-solid product made from finely ground and processed cuttlefish meat. It retains the original flavor of cuttlefish, while having a smooth texture and versatile usage.

Production Process:

Selection: First and foremost, fresh cuttlefish are chosen to ensure the quality of the product.
Preliminary Processing: The cuttlefish meat undergoes slicing.
Grinding: Afterwards, the cuttlefish meat is placed into a grinder until it reaches a smooth, paste-like consistency.
Seasoning: Depending on the requirements, salt, sugar, or other seasonings can be added for enhanced flavor.

Texture: The cuttlefish paste boasts a silky texture, enabling it to blend seamlessly with other ingredients.
Versatility: It can serve as the main ingredient for various dishes, such as fish balls, fish cakes, or other seafood products.
Nutritional Value: It retains most of the nutritional benefits of cuttlefish, being a rich source of protein, Omega-3 fatty acids, and other essential nutrients.
The cuttlefish paste can be used directly in cooking or processed into other seafood products. Owing to its versatility, it often appears in various Asian dishes, especially in soups and stir-fries.
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