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NT$150 NT$180
ShrimpDefinition:Shrimp consists of the flesh removed from the whole fresh shrimp, typically devoid⋯
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Introduction to Sea Bass SlicesDefinition:Sea bass slices are thin cuts from fresh sea bass, designe⋯
NT$110 NT$149
Definition:Milkfish skin is a delicately removed portion from fresh milkfish, which not only preserv⋯
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Cuttlefish Paste IntroductionDefinition:Cuttlefish paste is a semi-solid product made from finely gr⋯
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Milkfish Paste IntroductionDefinition:Milkfish paste is a semi-solid product made by finely grinding⋯
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Milkfish Floss IntroductionDefinition:Milkfish floss is a seafood product made by drying and baking ⋯
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Introduction to Blue Salmon1. Definition:The Blue Salmon is a petite fish widely adored in Asian reg⋯
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Cuttlefish and Shrimp Starch Introduction1. Definition:The Cuttlefish and Shrimp Paste is a distinct⋯
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Certainly!Introduction to Sea Bass Fillet1. Definition:The Sea Bass Fillet is a finely cut piece of ⋯
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Milkfish Fillet Introduction1. Definition:A milkfish fillet is a boneless and skinless cut from fres⋯
1. Definition:The Korean fish cake, also known as "Odeng (오뎅)" or "Eomuk (어묵)", is a popular street ⋯
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Milkfish Congee Introduction1. Definition:Milkfish congee is a distinctive seafood delicacy, showcas⋯
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Introduction to "Peeled Chili Fish Balls"1. Definition:Peeled Chili Fish Balls are a distinctive sea⋯
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Introduction to "Cuttlefish Balls"1. Definition:Cuttlefish Balls are a classic seafood delicacy, pri⋯
Introduction to "Debone Butterfly Cut Milkfish" 1. Definition:The "Debone Butterfly Cut Milkfish" i⋯
NT$180 NT$220
Introduction to "Milkfish Balls" 1. Definition:"Milkfish Balls" are a seafood delicacy made from hig⋯
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Introduction to "Deboned Milkfish Belly"1. Definition:The "Deboned Milkfish Belly" is a high-quality⋯
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