Traditional Cuisine

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Cuttlefish Paste IntroductionDefinition:Cuttlefish paste is a semi-solid product made from finely gr⋯
NT$109 NT$129
Cuttlefish and Shrimp Starch Introduction1. Definition:The Cuttlefish and Shrimp Paste is a distinct⋯
NT$149 NT$190
Milkfish Paste IntroductionDefinition:Milkfish paste is a semi-solid product made by finely grinding⋯
NT$79 NT$99
Milkfish Congee Introduction1. Definition:Milkfish congee is a distinctive seafood delicacy, showcas⋯
NT$129 NT$149
Milkfish Floss IntroductionDefinition:Milkfish floss is a seafood product made by drying and baking ⋯
NT$130 NT$149
1. Definition:The Korean fish cake, also known as "Odeng (오뎅)" or "Eomuk (어묵)", is a popular street ⋯
NT$79 NT$89
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