Fisherman's Hometown International Co., Ltd.

  • Overview: A leading enterprise in Taiwan, specializing in the processing of locally farmed seafood and the manufacturing of seafood products.

  • Contracted Area: Approximately 200 hectares, with most of our aquaculture ponds situated in the southern region of Taiwan.

  • Eco-friendly Aquaculture: We cultivate a diverse range of species, including Milkfish, White Shrimp, Grass Carp, Mullet, and Tilapia, among others.

  • Production and Sales Verification: Under the guidance of the Agricultural Committee, we have achieved verification for our production and sales processing plants and continuously strive to obtain the following certifications.

  • Our Certifications: FFSC22000, ISO 22000, HACCP, HALAL, and have successfully passed the U.S. FDA review.

  • Processing Expertise: With over 30 years of aquaculture experience, we constantly enhance our processing technology and equipment. We deeply study challenges faced in cultivation or processing, aiming to annually increase our processing capacity and output, with a primary focus on enhancing food safety.

  • International Sales: In recent years, we have actively promoted the export of deboned Milkfish from Taiwan and related processed products. For several consecutive years, we have collaborated with the Tainan City Government and local supermarket chains, tirelessly marketing Tainan Milkfish and Taiwanese seafood products.

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